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Why I'm moving to iOS

Margret Riegert15 Jan 2023

Using Pathlib with Pain

Margret Riegert12 May 2022

ponyo - a framework for ISA simulation

Margret Riegert3 Mar 2022

logidiff - library and website to determine if two logical statements are equivalent

Margret Riegert14 Jan 2022

I developed a tool that determines whether two or more logical statements are equivalent to assist with a digital logic course.

Quick note on capo-calc

Margret Riegert10 Oct 2021

In the interest of wanting to find the best capo to use when transposing songs to play on guitar, I came across a useful webpage called Capo Calculator. While this page is really good at what it does, it is limited in that it’s impossible to use on a mobile device. So I decided to try and create my own version of it. That’s how capo-calc was created.

On the things we have but never use

Margret Riegert20 Aug 2021

I have a tendency to collect electronics. Maybe it’s a broken controller to fix. Maybe it’s an old phone or videogame system to hack. Maybe it’s a laptop I only boot up or use every once in a while. Over time, this has accumulated in a sizable collection of everything from videogame systems, to android devices, to audio equipment, to laptop and desktop computers, to microcontrollers and their accessories.

Audio visualizer using an 8 point FFT

Margret Riegert, Charles DePalma22 Jun 2021

EccCPU - Error Correcting Code Central Processing Unit

Margret Riegert16 May 2021

I had an idea after watching both BenEater's and 3Blue1Brown's videos on hamming codes: what if they were baked into the instruction set of a CPU? This would mean that each instruction in a program could be checked and corrected against single bit errors natively, and provide more reliable operation.

Improving netlistsvg

Margret Riegert29 Mar 2021

Intel 4004 Assembler in Python

Margret Riegert12 Mar 2021

A photograph of a gold-legged intel 4004 processor, in an 8 wide DIP package

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