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The syntax checking and compilation of a VHDL design into a design library
A library unit associated with an entity which describes its internal operation or organization
A definition of the interface to a sub-module, rather like a “socket”, to which an entity may be bound
Concurrent Statements
Statements within an architecture which execute concurrently, independently of their order
Defines the “binding” of each component instance to an entity, and each entity to an architecture; can be defined using a configuration library unit or from within an architecture
Design File
A text file containing source code for one or more design units
Design Library
A data structure containing analyzed design units (library units)
Design Unit
A VHDL module contained in a design file, consisting of the source code for a library unit preceded by any required Library or Use clauses; analysis of a design unit defines the corresponding library unit in a design library
The building of a simulatable model through the top-down binding of its structural hierarchy, according to the configuration selected
A library unit which describes the external interface of a hardware module
A group of sequential statements which can be “called” from different places in a model, reading one or more input parameters and returning a single value
Library Unit
An analysed design unit; the five types of library units are: entity, architecture, package, package body and configuration
The definition of multiple functions or procedures with the same name, which operate on different parameter combinations or types
A primary unit containing a collection of declarations and/or specifications which may be used in other library units
Package Body
A secondary unit associated with a package, whose main purpose is to contain the full code for any functions or procedures which have been declared in the associated package
Primary Unit
A library unit which can exist in a design library; the primary design units are entity, package and configuration
A group of sequential statements which can be “called” from different places in a model. It may have parameters of modes in, out, or inout
A concurrent statement which contains a collection of sequential statements, and which can interact concurrently with other concurrent statements
The determination of the value of a signal when it is simultaneously driven by more than one source
The region of VHDL code within which a declared item (e.g. a constant) may be used
Secondary Unit
A library unit which defines a body associated with a primary unit which has already been analyzed into the same design library; the secondary units are architecture (associated with entity) and package body (associated with package)
Sequential Statements
Statements which are executed in the order they are written, as with “conventional” software languages